Saturday, January 30, 2010


Valentines Day is due in a fortnight, and all i have to offer is this post on love.

Over the last decade, I cant remember a moment where I was left "single". Its been a back to back struggle to finding love, discovering passion and what makes or breaks relationships. If you have known me long enough, I'm pretty certain that you know it hasn't been wonderful for me.

They say that LOVE cant be defined. I'd say the opposite. Everything in the world has its reasons and definitions although it may vary from one person to the other. Having said that, there are still a fundamentals to LOVE and without them relationships break down. Love is not about everything sweet and nice, or all the good stuff. A lot of work and effort has to be put into a relationship in order for it to work out, or for LOVE to be more than just a word.

To make things rather simple, lets start by defining LOVE. If you actually Google it out you may find many variations to the word and if you out them all together, you will find some similarities.

In general, LOVE is any number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. LOVE does have its differences when applied to different things. The LOVE for a child or parent is very much different from those of a partner. Material objects such as cars can be loved as well. If i were to go through the exact definitions of each, it will get very boring. But i am here to specifically speak on LOVE in terms of being more than friends or "an item" as the old folks like to call it.

No matter how people try to personalize LOVE, as i mentioned before, fundamentals remain. Commitment, Intimacy, Passion. These are the three fundamentals which makes a relationship and LOVE more than mere words. Commitment is the expectation that the relationship is permanent. People tend to run away from commitments and only want to enjoy it coming from the other party, in this sense, LOVE does not exist. Commitment is wanting the best for the other person no matter what stands in your way. Intimacy is the details and information that we share with each other, trusting each other with secrets we can share with no one else. Intimacy is defined with the closeness both physically and mentally, connectedness, and the warmth of each other's company. Passion underlies the physical desire, sexual behavior, and arousal. Passion is mostly referred to as the physical aspect of LOVE. Kissing and feeling each other's touch, sexual intercourse, and physical actions involving touch are part of passion.

Now, without any 1 of the 3 fundamentals, LOVE and a proper relationship will not exist. But at times, 2 people may have a slight clash in terms of providing each other with their respective visions of LOVE. That is where compromise comes into the picture. I don't want to go into the details so use your imagination. When compromise comes in, make sure that whatever trade off made is of equivalent value to the other person. If you want to take something, be prepared to give something else in return.

I do find that LOVE is kind of one sided sometimes. One party plays the proper role and the other just sits back and enjoys the ride. When asked to commit, they find everyone means of avoiding commitment. This usually happens when an affair is at hand or that person is in it for their own gains. Being in LOVE is about RESPONSIBILITY, SACRIFICE, SELFLESSNESS, DEDICATION, COMPROMISE, and COMMITMENT.

I have been in more than 30 relationships and if i said i was always right, i would be lying to you. No one is always right, accepting your defeat and learning about your mistakes is what really makes you better. There are a few things i want to share on how to make or break a relationship.

Ego and stubbornness kills. Defending your ego will only make you blind. Blind to the love and dedication the other party is putting into holding this relationship together, blind to your failures and mistakes as a lover and a person. Its rather simple when the other party knows that they ain't doing things right, you can simply find a way of getting through to them and someday they WILL understand. But when you are faced with someone that refuses to think that what they have done is wrong. That person has already failed you and themselves. They have failed at LOVE.

Responsibility is being able to conform to the needs and demands of being in LOVE. There are far too many examples to give but the most common are, keeping each other in check, remembering things about your partner, and making sure that you keep working at the relationship. At times picking up a call quicker or replying a text faster makes a whole lot of difference. A little bit of effort goes a long long way.

A lot of people preach about how much they love their partner and the things they are willing to do for them. Or at times they speak about how they live by "Actions speak louder than words". But when it comes to love it remains just a word. Anyone can speak the word but it only becomes real if the proper actions follow through. I've been through too many cases where my partner says that she will stand by me or stand up for my ideals but when the time came for words to be turned into actions, where were they? Its fine for those who are not yet ready to sacrifice or to live up to their words, ONLY IF THEY ARE WILLING TO LEARN. But to those who bail out when the going gets tough or when its time to give and commit. I hope they really don't fool around with love as they will only end up hurting their partners.

There is a thin line between freedom and being self centered. Freedom comes with responsibility and if you claim you are in love, you owe that responsibility to your partner. Know that what you are doing doesn't hurt or offend your partner in any way. Sometimes just pretending to ask for their permission is good enough to show your commitment and responsibility to the relationship. Its when you assume you can just do as you wish and insist that your decision is the only one that matters to you is when you have become self centered. No matter what the other party has to say or how he or she feels about your decision doesn't move you. If that is the case, you have failed LOVE. Be considerate, ask if its alright to go ahead with things. Consider the other person before yourself or anyone else. Love the other more than yourself and he will repay you in the same manner. Take care of the other persons interest. It works both ways, if only one party plays the role, the other is in for a free ride and that is not LOVE.

Making initiatives and attempts to satisfy the other party is very very important. No one wants to be the only one having to make all the decisions and all the go's. Try to be the one to start something off, it makes the other person very happy to know that you are willing to put an equal hand in ensuring both parties happiness. This is commitment to the word LOVE and can only be showed in action. Making attempts to see the person more often and making time or working around the other persons schedule equally as he does yours really makes a difference. It may be some work and sacrifice on your end, but isn't that what he has been doing for you all this while?

Love is more than a risk, its something we get ourselves into and just like any business or activity we pursue, if we don't commit or see it to the end it will never work out. Don't ride on someone else's trust and his commitment to being in love with you. Remember, its not about being calculative or living by structures. Its about being fair and equal to each other and to compromise when there is a clash in ideals. If you think that its not your lost, wait for that fine day when he or she walks out the door for good. Then you will finally understand what you have lost and there is no replacing one love for another. Throughout all of my relationships, there has been only one repercussion. People never listen and only realize the things they should have done and how easy it was to do once it is far too late.

So people, before the day comes when you lose all thats precious to you. Make a change, make a difference. There is no time better than now, because there may not be a tomorrow if you hesitate. And to those who think i am wrong and refuse to make a change, you have already failed LOVE, irregardless of how you decide to define it.

Happy Valentines Day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My mind begs for answers

From the bottom of my heart, I truly have nothing good to say today. Currently my life is as boring as sitting in someone else's ear. Watching their earwax build up and fall off. I've spent the better half of the allocated 24 hours a day, at home. Searching for jobs online and feeling nasty about everything else.

Isn't it ironic? How a piece of paper makes you? I stand so strongly against paper qualifications. What do they tell you? That you have money for college and you can operate a pen? Then what about the rest of us whom actually know what were doing? I feel battered at how crude and materialistic this world has become. Where has the essence of humanity gone to?

I feel that obtaining a qualification is entirely important. Well, I'm made to feel this way. Society demands it. Shall I succumb to societies demands? Its not like I have a fair choice do I? If i don't have paper qualifications I'm limited to the number of good jobs I can choose from. And do I have qualifications? NO!

Is patience a virtue? Is this world fair? Is press coverage the ONLY difference between Martyrdom and Suicide these day?

Tomorrow, I will go outside....and review a Proton Satria GTI.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Waking up

Well, its the New Year...thats pretty much all thats new so far. I'm still faced with the same problems since 2007.

If i could have a wish, I'd just wanna wake up happy with myself every morning for a change. All i get these days are heavy feet and thoughts of not waking up anymore. Its torturous trying to justify all these years I've been alive. It makes me wonder what my purpose really is.

I was too playful in school but i somehow managed to pull through decent enough to get into college, which i was so reluctant of starting immediately. I was the kinda kid that didn't have goals or ambitions at the time, so having fun was all i was about. College took longer than i had planned and in the end, I ended up with nothing. Four years were wasted and i came out an idiot. I worked as a barista in Starbucks for a year till i got an offer to work as a Sales Exec in Bose, which i later got promoted to Pro Sound Engineer. Sounds cool don't it? Engineer...The pay didn't relate to the title and future was null and void.

Then one day, Imran wanted to take his drivers license so I got in touch with an old friend. Whom proposed that i join his company as a franchisee. Metro Driving Academy it was for then. You see, being incapable of finishing my studies due to a lack of determination and money, i had no other means of achieving greatness in society. At least that what i thought at the time. Opportunities like this don't come easy and so i clenched it tight. But after 2 years and a lot of suffering, in ended. And left me with a big hole in my wallet. An even bigger hole in my life.

I was for once proud of myself, Managing Director of ZF Technologies, Branch Manager of Metro Driving Bandar Sunway. It was what i had always wanted and it was the first step into turning this sewer rats life around for the better. It was also the biggest screwup of my entire life.

Business is not only about the brains, its also about the money. And in this country, your race too. Without money you cant move forward, you cant cover your tracks, you cant survive. Two whole years went by too quickly and i was destroyed.

Every day since then I've been trying to keep up with debts. I hate waking up, I'm disgusted at the person I am, the life i currently live. I have no escape, but I know far too well that its something i must face and although its killing me inside i have no choice.

I motivate myself with the cars I'd love to own, the lavish life I'd love to live. People do play their part in making me feel that this is possible and I thank them for it. Yet, I dare to say that I understand a little more about suicide. I do get thoughts of quitting. I've come this far and compared to many others, my life is a dream compared to theirs. So I'm gonna stay alive. I'm gonna keep trying. I need to be somebody someday and that day must be soon.

Maybe by learning how to write, i may become good enough to write articles on cars and stuff. Or when i get down to making my videos, I can finally claim enough experience to do my own show. Well, nothing happens by just wishing and talking does it? Yet the shame I have on myself for not doing so many things right hinders me from getting down to it. I admit, i feel like a loser with nothing but calamity in my wake. I don't see the light anymore and I don't know where my will has vanished. Is this what they call "Self Pity" ? I really don't know, but this is how i feel. There is nothing i can find to justify the right in the decisions I've made so far. I find myself farther from my dreams, falling deeper into the abyss I've foolishly created for myself. This is how i feel.

But I cant quit, I cant stop, I cant turn back. I may not have a light to guide the way but I do believe that if I keep moving forward. Someday, I will create my own light. So that others may follow suit. I can be the guide. I can help others out of their darkness. I will own my Aston Martin, live that celebrity life. Because that is all i have. My dreams. I'm sick and tired of people telling me that i can't do stuff because i don't have what it takes. If no one is going to give me an opportunity, i must create my own.

I'm taking the challenge. Desire for success with the right tools and a glimpse of light is what I had hoped for. But, I'm inching in the dark with nothing more than my bare hands and the only direction i have is forward. I will make it. Soon.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

White, Black, Brown, Beige...and the problems thereafter

Color is a cool thing. Have a car painted White and it looks ultimately gorgeous and glamorous and if your gonna play it safe, have in painted in Silver instead. No need for intensive care because your car will ALWAYS look clean. But on the other hand it is the most dull color made and created for lazies by a bunch of imbeciles who think Bugatti is a type of corn.

But then again, color does have its impact on people in a way only some of us can imagine. And imagination is said to be limitless, yet in this case i do concur that you need to be it to believe it. Make sense? Rather.

I am now living in a world full of color, diversity, uniqueness, adventure, and hatred. Yes, hatred. With all the greatness that color has brought into our god forsaken lives, it has also given birth to a means of which we can label others with. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where my hatred resides.

Indians are Black, Americans are White, Chinese are Beige, Malays are Brown, etc. We somehow associate race with color and that is not where it ends. Its the "description that follows" which creates a problem the world will never see and end to. When i was young, my dad always said, " Zac don't talk to strangers...especially the black ones." As a child you don't really question, you just follow, because they say the adults know best. Years go by and you finally begin to open up to the world because the grip and influence your parentage had on you loosens up, the mind finally has its own free will and if you so wish it, you CAN question these things.

On my own i find that the way people look at races and color has caused a major gap between them and it is just so wrong. I know, because i feel it. For 25 years, i feel it. I am mixed, in race and color. People consider me lucky, assuming that i can walk in both worlds. It does sound like an advantage don't it? But it comes at a price, a very expensive tag to be precise. No one ever sees you as their own. You are not accepted. You don't belong. Because of your color, your race.

You see, we live in a world where people label others by those means. Malays are lazy, Chinese are money minded con men, the Indians are rough and crooks with a forked tongue. Does color determine what we are as individuals? If your answer is yes i shall advise you keep reading.

Imagine if there was no color or race. But you and I still remain the same individuals with the same personalities. How will you judge Kumar, Seng Chee, and Firdaus? They are nothing more than names. You would be forced to judge them by their individual personalities, attitude, character. That is because you have no other means to label them, no race, no color. Now don't get smart with me and say that we still have OTHER means to judge. Like appearance, dressing, language, education, and such. These are mere excuses given by people who are afraid of knowing the truth. Afraid that their pre-judgement be proven wrong. Afraid of differences.

The differences we have as individuals is what makes us special and unique. Deny this and you will be a hypocrite. You chose to pay premium for that dress because its fresh of the line and no one else has it. You chose not to buy the same car as your colleagues. You choose different colored clothes because you don't wanna look the same everyday. You chose. Not me, not God, but you. You accept differences in almost every aspect of your life. So why cant you accept the differences in humans?

I remember asking a gentleman why he had bought a Skoda over a BMW, which he could well afford. He tried each and every way to justify his act of being "different and unique" even thought the Skoda was butt ugly irregardless of the fact that its power house came from VW. He then ended it with a statement, " No matter the brand or how different it is from the other, a car will always be a car. And i love cars. All of them."

Regardless of race and color, we are all humans. And we deserve to be judged as we are. Humans. Not by race and color. Take a moment to digest this and see me for who i am. Look beyond the skin and the name. And so that you understand where i'm coming from. Living with the fact that i could represent 2 races, means that i can be denied by 2 races as well. And in this time and age, denial seems to be the easier choice for most. Shall we make a change?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy The New Year

So, its Christmas again and Sunway is jam packed as usual. Getting from my house to Sunway Pyramid is like lining up to kiss the Pope's finger, I think. Its pretty much the same with any other celebration that happens here.

Speaking of traffic jams, I have devised a plan to rid our cities of these relentless jams and trust me, I do have the highest confidence that it WILL work. Now, lets just take a look at whats going on these days. Notice that traffic has been rather smooth these days especially during rush hour? Yea, and why is that? Its because there is no school going on in December.

Its all about schools. The thing about schools is that the government tries its very best to open up as many schools as they possibly can afford in every major township in KL. Which by all means, are already jam packed thanks to us whom are required to pay taxes. Its pretty much alright if you have school buses roaming the streets before and after school hours but the main problem lies with the parents and overly pampered kids.

Why in all things heavenly, must every single parent INSIST on sending their children to school themselves. Think about it for a moment and lets do some math. You get maybe say 500 annoying teens with puberty issues being ushered to school by maybe 400 grumpy parents in possibly 350 cars at the very lest, every single day, to each school. If you have a brain larger than a lobsters I'm certain that you have noticed a minority that, in all their greatest attempts, cant send their kids to school in a car. Thats probably because you have caused a jam and they have lost their jobs for turning up late for work far too many times and have to give up the rights to own a car. Hence forcing their pimpled kids to either take the bus or crawl to school.

So i do hope you now see the root of the problem. Lets try getting rid of the problem shall we? Now what if, we stationed a police officer under MY command at every possible entrance and drain in every school. We shall then issue summons for every vehicle that isn't a school bus that drops freckled faced kids to school. And every time the same vehicle gets summoned....WE DOUBLE IT! They can keep paying if they so wish and it should earn me the rights to buy a Lamborghini in less than a year.

And if that doesn't work, we'll just shift all the schools out of town and force everyone to stay in dorms with a piece of coal for entertainment. They can then give it a name and play with it as how they do their privates and that shall be all. No more parents being a nuisance in traffic and that shall keep the Eco people in check because CO2 levels will drop drastically, causing them to divert their attention away from cars. In due hope that the Government will decide to drop fuel prices so that we can enjoy bigger engines with a little lest guilt. And i can finally see a whole lot less Toyota's on the road and that shall be heavenly.

I may not be the first person to think of this sweet solution and there may be a possible reason as to why no one else has made this public so far. Remember those Presidential assassinations? Yea, you get the drift..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I've got issues...with lousy drivers...

I am back...FINALLY! I havent really got the whole story bout the Mexican yet but i can tell u this much.

One fine morning, some dodgy Mexican dude wakes up to his dog barking (as usual). He goes out to check (as usual) and Rover comes in gleefully wagging its tail with the typical postman's arm torn from his body with the daily mail. Well, the guy takes a look at the mail and there's the mortgage and the other usual red bills..he pauses for a moment to think it through.."I got a my pay is long overdue..hmmmm...i should pay..or else...mmmm..." Guy goes back in to change and then heads back out to his pick up, only to find it low on fuel and decides, " I shall fill up my pick up today...YES! Thats what i should do" and totally forgets about the overdue mortgage...again...

BUT! There are far more pressing issues than how the economic crisis was caused by a random Mexican dude...there's this thing i have going on with how people drive and the system.

Ya see, the really big problems on our roads are not caused by speeding, or drifting round roundabouts. No, they are caused by people who are thick.

Take inconsiderate parking for example, you don't see Brad Pitt leave his car across someones drive. The Sultan would not double park on a narrow street. And Stephen Hawking would not leave his wheelchair sticking out into traffic. Thats because these are clever people who think about the consequences of their actions. Morons on the other hand, do not.

They don't have the brain capacity. They think, "I want to go there so I shall park here." Any further thinking could cause their whole head to boil, and, as a result, they should not be at the wheel of a car.

I think much the same applies to people who drive very quickly pass schools. I don't do this. If you have read this far without exploding from the effort, you probably don't either. But the local Ah Beng and Mat Kool in their lime green and purple neon mobile disco on wheels thinks, "I am with a girl. If I drive fast down here, she will sleep with me. That is good."

In this respect, they are like lobsters. Proportionately speaking, lobsters are the least intelligent creatures alive, apart from Samyvellu. If they were the size of a man, their brains would be no larger than a pinhead. As a result, they know how to eat, shag and bite your finger if you try to put them into a pot of boiling water with bay leaf. And would you give a lobster a Driving License? Quite.

Only last week, i was driving on the Kesas behind a man who was driving at 30. Maybe he doesn't like speed. Or maybe he's been hit by the fuel crisis. Both of these are very good reasons for travelling at the same speed as the Pope. But to shake your fist and flash your lights when you are overtaken suggest that, most of all, you are a cloven hoofed imbecile. If i were in power, I would remove his License, his car, and all of his money so that he could never buy another. I would also remove his testicles to ensure that his seed does not get into the gene pool.

In the meantime, however, I propose we do away with driving test which demonstrates only that you can stop and go on a hill, parallel park by counting plastic markers (which never exists in the real world), and 3 point turn out of a designated area large enough to park 2 cement mixers with picnic tables at the side. A cow could do that if you could somehow get it behind the wheel. And whats the point of the multiple choice section? That you can operate a Mouse and that you are lucky? Neither will stand you in good stead when it's raining and late and your're trying to get out of Pasar Malam, in which you were never suppose to enter with a car anyway.

Instead, I suggest that we ask everyone to sit for an IQ test instead. A high mark indicates the candidate is bright enough to work out what controls in the car do what and that "R" is for "Reverse" and not "Race".

I have no clue where the benchmark should be, but we set a number and anyone who fails to make the grade is forced to take the bus instead which i am more than certain that our Government would be nothing less than happy with.

This way, there would be no need for speed traps and highway patrols shutting roads because some idiot has crashed. Intelligent people know what the steering wheel is for and what pedal they should press when they are heading for a tree.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hello Purpose!

Good morning, i hate writing...i do...passionately despised writing.. Yet for some unknown reason i have decided to start a blog and i have not been able to see its purpose as well.

Purpose is something that we usually take for granted. I really cant comprehend as to how some people manage to do things without having a purpose in mind. At times they do claim that there is a purpose to what they do, but is it truly theirs? Or maybe its a purpose someone else had engraved into them? What i do know is that if we don't find our purpose in the things we do it is as good as losing ourselves.

So maybe this blog is a place for me to "lose myself" and get away from the chains of reality and how humanity has gleefully decided how this world works. As i see it, humanity is falling deeper into their own individual selves and slowly discarding the essence of which makes us human.

There are but a few things that i will constantly highlight in this blog.

1) Racism

2) My own unbiased opinion to why things happen

3) My music

4) The truths of reality

5) An in depth glimpse of where I've been, where i am now, and where i shall be.

6) Oh! And cars.....god i love them to bits...

7) Finally...religion. Which i think i may get an awful amount of bad remarks for, but who cares.

I guess in the duration it took me to type all this, i may have found a purpose to this blog.

I'm gonna tell you a story of how 1 Mexican guy caused the economic crisis in my next post so stay tuned.